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Summer Vacation – How to Travel with Friends

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Traveling with friends sounds like a good idea – one big, Instagram-worthy party - until you’re in the thick of it and disagreements occur. Difficulties often develop around money, especially when some of the travelers need to stick to a budget. A little planning ahead can keep the party on track and mishaps to a minimum. Follow these suggestions to avoid awkward situations: Before You Go Institute a clear channel of communication. Gather everyone in the same room and plan the trip together. Be sure that everyone has the opportunity to make suggestions or voice concerns. Ensure that each person...
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Photo of a young couple going through financial problems

How to Deal With Debt

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Finding yourself in a position where you don’t have enough cash to pay your debts is never fun. But don’t let it destroy your self-esteem. Acknowledge that you made a mistake, and make it your goal to not only rectify the error, but to learn from it. Objective: Put measures in place to pay off debt. What to Do: You have many choices in dealing with debt. One of your first decisions should be to stop racking up additional balances. Each time you avoid an expensive restaurant meal or any unnecessary purchase, pat yourself on the back for using self-control....
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Durham, England - September 22 2011: Stacked Harry Potter books

J.K. Rowling on Money

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We all know J.K. Rowling as the phenomenally successful author of the Harry Potter book series. Her brand, including the Harry Potter books, movies, merchandising, and the Pottermore website, is worth an estimated $15 billion. Despite becoming the first billionaire novelist, Rowling remains practical and down-to-earth. She is living proof that perseverance and determination, along with a bit of hard work, is a better predictor of success than the wave of a magic wand.   Prepare for the Worst   Talent and intelligence never yet inoculated anyone against the caprice of the fates. Drawing upon her own experience as a...
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