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Impulse Buying: Shocking News About Young Generations

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Some pretty shocking news has circulated about our younger generations. Even though the target specifically critiques a certain age of people, we felt it helpful to share an article that everyone can use. What's the hype, you ask? Well, Forbes recently released and article titled, "Shop Like A Millennial: Lots Of Impulse Buying, No Big Ticket Items". That's pretty crazy. So, if you ever found yourself loading up your cart with things you did not intend to buy, we're going to show you how to stop it. A few things you should know about impulse buying... It happens to the best of us....
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Hatching Announcement

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Achieva Credit Union is proud to announce the hatching of the first two fledgling chicks cared for by Jack and Diane, a pair of wild osprey who live in a nest located on a custom built platform by Achieva in St. Petersburg. Achieva helped build a platform for this new perch to protect the osprey pair, after the birds built a prior nest in a dangerous spot nearby. Now, you can watch the happy family via a special live webcam Achieva established here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHqhGE7HOvU Jack and Diane have been caring for three eggs, so we are eagerly awaiting developments with...
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You Don’t Need Luck to be Financially Responsible

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It's ironic that St. Patrick Day is just around the corner, yet we are writing a post that is anti-luck. That's because no amount of four-leaf clovers can make a person financially responsible. Fortunately, for all of us, there are some really easy tasks that will keep us on the right path. We're going to explore these methods throughout this article; so, grab your notepads and continue reading. Financially responsible people are more proactive than reactive. First and foremost, financially responsible people are not under the pressure of account fluctuations because they are already prepared for hardships. They understand their expenses...
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