three interview candidates wait nervously in the reception of an office building. a member of the interview panel can be seen walking towards them.

Is Social Media Making You Unemployable?

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Snapchat. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Reddit. LinkedIn. We live in a highly connected society. Anything you do or say could appear on social media – with or without your permission – at any time. Should you be concerned about WHO is viewing your posts? If you are in the market for a new job, the answer is YES. In the good old days before the Internet, your resume and your smiling face were the sum total of information that a potential employer could use to evaluate your qualifications. Those days are long gone, and employers are now using multiple sources, including...
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goals vs resolutions

Goals vs Resolutions – How to Have a Successful New Year

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A brand new year is here - time to embrace lofty ideas and make those big dreams come true, right? Well, maybe. There’s a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions during January, but let’s face the fact that most of us start out with enthusiasm and energy that slowly fizzles, and by Valentine’s Day we’ve mostly forgotten what we set out to do. A study at the University of Scranton confirms that while 40% of Americans formulate New Year’s resolutions, as little as 8% actually follow through on them for more than a month or two. This statistic is...
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Man Shopping For Organic Produce In Delicatessen

How to Go Organic on the Cheap

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Many of us think we’d like to improve our health and well-being by going organic. We’d like to get away from food that is loaded with preservatives, stabilizers, added sugar and sodium, and be more natural with our diets. But it seems that stepping back from the world of processed food comes with a steep price tag. Items labeled organic frequently cost up to twice as much as their non-organic competitors, which prevents budget-conscious folks from making the purchase. However, there are many ways to incorporate organic items into your routine without breaking the bank. What Exactly IS Organic? As...
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